Tuesday, April 15, 2008

EQ Classic

Its been a long time since I played Everquest. Well maybe it hasn't been THAT long, but it feels like it. My account has been deactivated since May of 06' so it has been about 2 years.

My friend let me on this new project these guys are working on. Its called EQC. Everquest Classic. These Everquest veterans have taken it upon themselves to create a truly classic EQ server. It will be a progression server starting at classic everquest and moving through Kunark and then Velious. It will not go any further because much of the fan base believes that is where EQ shined. Once Verant sold it to Sony is where many people believed it went downhill with the Luclin expansion.

These guys are working on the database and tuning things to make sure everything on the server is truly classic. There is no release date for beta thus far but everyone who is involved in this project is really excited about it. A lot of the folks who played originally are getting hyped up for it, me included.

If your interested in checking it out, visit EQClassic


Kyle said...

I'm sure you heard, but the project has been put on the sideline. It likely will never see the light of day. You think this project and all the support it gained would make Sony go, "Oh yeah, that is a good idea. We should do that"

And not that progression server stuff. That was stupid. I want EQ that looks and plays just like the EQ we played when we were 12. Cheers.

Revilor said...
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Revilor said...

The project has not been sidelined it is in fact still very much alive. The website itself is going through a overhaul. If you join the IRC channel. irc.peeringsa.net port: 6667 and register your nickname to get into channel #eqc you will see the developers there and they will tell you its not over. Hope this helps you sleep at night knowing the real truth.

- Moderator Revilor

Mike said...

This project has been completed and is LIVE by another group at project1999.org. Project1999 is a free eq classic server. It is exactly as you described in your first post. Currently only the classic zones are enabled with the best guess of Kunark being added around October. Average nightly population of 500 people with tons in the teens-twenties!