Friday, June 27, 2008

What I Hate About Political Parties

I hate political parties. It seems like all they are is a way to turn us against each other.

Now, from my previous posts you would assume that I am a conservative, and I am. That doesn't make me a republican. I don't think its healthy to bunch everyone in one group or the other. Everyday the media feed us stories about democrats doing this, republicans doing that. As Glenn Beck put it "Day after day, the media and analysts feed us stories that line us up against each other like armies getting ready for battle. Standing in the middle isn't an option, so people tend to take a side, even if they don't feel completely comfortable there." And it's true. I mean look at this election, I don't remember ever seeing so much mudslinging and constant attacking between the two parties. And the sad thing is that you can't even rely on a candidate to practice what he preaches.

How many times have you brought up a simple subject to someone of the opposite political beliefs and they jump on the defensive. Like today for instance. I was talking to a friend about the Democratic National Convention. Her views are liberal and mine are conservative. She literally said she was proud of me because I was reading democratic things. And then I told her I was reading how they are trying everything in their power to make every minor detail of the convention as green as possible. Immediately she took up arms and defended the democrats saying that what i read was probably FALSE. Nothing I could have said after that fact would have changed her mind. I was already wrong because I said something "bad" about democrats. Why are we so narrow-minded these days?

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xlightbrightx said...

What can I say except for thank you. I felt crazy for a while for thinking like this. At least I know that other people are crazy, too.